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About Dardi

Established in 1996, DARDI International Corporation is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical service of ultra-high pressure waterjet technology application products. The ultra-high pressure CNC universal waterjet cutting machine or waterjet cutter is an advanced manufacturing equipment adopting the latest cold-cutting technology in the world. It is a kind of world-level high-tech products with application of various technologies such as electromechanical integration, ultra-high pressure waterjet, CNC automation, automatic inspection and compensation, CAD, manufacturing, robot, etc. DARDI has become a world famous brand due to excellent price-performance ratio of our products.

Main Products and Applications
Our products mainly include plane waterjet cutting machine, gantry CNC waterjet cutter, cantilever CNC waterjet cutting table, UHP system (ultra high pressure waterjet pump), robot water cutting system, UHP waterjet cleaning system, auto abrasive delivery system, collision avoidance system, double cutting head, water softening system, oil cooling system, etc.
Our products are extensively applied in automobile manufacturing, stone and ceramic processing, glass processing, metal processing, track traffic, mechanical equipment, marine, stainless steel, pressure vessel, metal plate, power equipment, concrete cutting, composites processing and other areas. We now produce 500 waterjet cutting machines, 100 UHP waterjet cleaning systems and 100 DCM robot water cutting systems every year. Our products are sold not only domestically, but also sold to the U.S, Canada, Italy, Russia, Middle East, South Asia, etc.

With years of experiences in R&D and manufacture, we now possess over 40 patents related to ultra-high pressure CNC waterjet cutter and ultra-high pressure water cleaning system. It takes the lead in compiling of China’s first industrial standard and national standard for utra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine.

400 MPa ultra high pressure waterjet cutter manufactured by us won “The First Gold Medal for Patented New Products in Jiangsu Province and Machinery Industry and Technology Progress First Place Award in Jiangsu Province”. DWMC water cutting processing center was awarded the honor of state-level key new products and Jiangsu Province high-tech product. It also won the Nanjing science and technology progress award and undertook the science and technology achievements transformation project in Jiangsu Province in 2009. Our UHP CNC waterjet cutting machines have achieved serialization and mass production, and passed ISO9001 and CE certifications. Ultra high pressure waterjet cutter is identified as a brand-name product in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. DARDI trademark has also been identified as a famous trademark in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Automobile Manufacturing
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Metal Processing
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