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1. How about the cutting accuracy of waterjet cutting machines?
The cutting accuracy of DARDI general waterjet cutters reaches more or less 0.1 mm.
2. How about the thickness of materials this waterjet cutting machine can slice?
Generally, waterjet cutter can deal with materials with the thickness of 50 mm, except strengthened glass. It can even slice stainless steel with the thickness of 100 mm.
3. Which abrasive do you choose to cut?
The most common abrasive is garnet. The color of high-grade garnet is red-brown. It is clear and angular with no debris.
4. How wide is the kerf?
The kerf of the waterjet cutting machine is 10% larger than the diameter of the tube itself. It is about 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm.
5. What’s the pressure of waterjet cutter?
The maximum pressure of DARDI waterjet cutting machine is 400MPa (60000psi).
6. How large is the cutting slope?
Generally, if the dynamic cutting system is not applied, there exists a 3° to 5° slope on the surface of the material. The grade of the slope is related to the material thickness and the cutting speed of waterjet cutter. Small slope can be acquired by cutting thinning materials and slowing down the cutting speed.
7. How long is the life of the worktable’s grid?
The grid can be continuously used for hundreds of hours if it is not used in a same pattern and in a same position for a long time. The grid should be replaced depending on the cutting accuracy, because a severely damaged grid may affect the accuracy of waterjet cutting machines. Moving or turning the worktable’s grid can extend its life.
8. Are clamps needed?
Generally, big size clamps are not needed. But for lightweight materials, you just need to put some heavy things on the part in case that the back washwater may affect the accuracy.
9. What are the advantages of the underwater cutting?
It may reduce the noise to less than 75dB. It may also reduce the possibilities of frost on the surface.
10. What are the disadvantages of the underwater cutting?
Firstly, the whole cutting process can not be supervised. Secondly, it should equip adjustable water worktable.
11. How long can sand pipe be continuously used?
The major factors affecting the life of sand pipes include abrasive sand, installation accuracy and the processing way. The usage life of the DARDI sand pipe is about 60 to 180 hours.
12. Is it necessary to perforate before waterjet cutting?
It is not necessary because the waterjet cutter will automatically perforate the material before cutting it.
13. Is it very difficult to program the waterjet cutting?
Our waterjet cutting machines are under the control of CNC system, so the programming is not harder than other cutting techniques. We adopt NEWCAM software which can directly transform the DXF document to cutting procedure. This software is especially developed for the DARDI waterjet cutter. Therefore, the operation is not very difficult. You just need to adjust the processing speed according to specific materials.
14. How much is the operating cost?
The operating cost includes water consumption, power consumption, abrasive consumption, equipment depreciation, maintenance cost, and other operating cost. Actually the cost varies with places where the waterjet cutting machine is used. For instance, in Nanjing, the operating cost is about 50 to 60 RMB/hour.
15. What if the water jet contacts the human body?
It is shown that the accident rate of waterjet cutters is much lower than other kinds of cutting machines. Keep human body away from the area where waterjet could reach because the sharp waterjet could cause severe damage to human body.
16. Is it possible that the waterjet cutting machines burst as a result of high pressure?
All the high pressure parts and components of DARDI waterjet cutters have safety vents. The water will overflow through the safety vents when the pressure is too high. Therefore, the internal pressure will be reduced and the waterjet machines will never burst.
17. How much noise will it cause during cutting?
The noise is inevitable during the process of cutting. The normal noise is about 80 dB to 85 dB. The farther the sand pipe is away from the materials, the noisier the process may be. So it is necessary for operators to put ear inserts when processing.
18. Is the waterjet cutting environmental friendly?
The whole cutting process of our waterjet cutting machines is environment friendly. The water and the abrasive consumed are all natural materials. As long as the materials to be cut are environment friendly, the waste water can be directly poured and the waste materials can be directly poured to the standard garbage dumps.
19. What are the demands of water?
The water used in the waterjet cutter is ordinary tap water. Sometimes, the water softener plants may be equipped in order to eliminate the calcium and magnesium ions in water. Thus, the high pressure parts can be protected and the service life of them can be extended.
20. Can the water be recycled?
The water can be reused after filtration, but the water consumed during the cutting is not too much. As a result, it will increase the cost if you reuse the filtrated water. It’s not economical for the customers, so this method is not recommended.
Industrial Cleaning
1. Is the principle of work of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine the same as the waterjet cutting machine?
Yes, the principles are same.
2. How much pressure is the ultra-high pressure cleaning machine?
Presently, the highest pressure of DARDI machines is 300 MPa. However, the pressure can be adjusted in accordance with the specific objects to be cleaned.
3. What is included in a complete ultra-high pressure cleaning machine?
It includes ultra-high pressure cleaning system, cleaning cutter, high-pressure hose and a variety of pipe joints.
4. What kinds of protections should the operator be equipped with?
To operate ultra-high pressure cleaning machines, the cleaning machine operator needs to wear a face mask, two ear inserts, raincoats and boots to prevent himself from splashing.
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