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DCM Robot Water Cutting System

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Models : Robot Water Cutting System

Robot water cutting system is an efficient cutting method to cut soft materials combining the waterjet cutting process with industrial robots. It is an economic alternative to the traditional punch tool method of producing complex-shaped components for car interiors, floor carpets and door trims. There are different forms of robotic waterjet cutting machines, such as plasma, laser, trim die and electric discharge media. Robot water cutting system is capable to cut most plastics, foams and some metals fast and flexibly.

It mainly consists of the robot part and the cutting part. For the robot part, we use YASKAWA UP-20MN, a 6-axis cutting robot. We also utilize an ultra high pressure water cutting device as the cutting part. In addition, robotic waterjet cutting machine is equipped with different moulds to satisfy objects in different sizes. Therefore, our robot water cutting systems are well received in the automobile industry.

The primary advantages of robotic waterjet cutting machine are fast cutting speed and flexibility.
It features high productivity, less manpower, easy operation, high standard of safety and large cutting area.
DARDI robot water cutting system also enjoys the advantages of smooth cutting edge, accurate cutting size, consistent cutting quality and environment friendly.
The interior pieces cut by robotic waterjet cutting machine have smooth surfaces and good consistency. Waterjet is also the fastest and best method for interior cutting.
Our robot water cutting system is reliable, efficient and easy to operate.

DARDI is a professional manufacturer of robotic waterjet cutting machines in China. In addition, we also offer plane waterjet cutting machine, ultra high pressure waterjet pump, UHP waterjet cleaning system, and so forth. We implement a strict quality control system and also utilize testing equipment to test the robot water cutting system so as to guarantee the cutting accuracy and cutting quality. If you want to know more detailed information, please click into corresponding product pages or contact us directly.

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