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Collision Avoidance System

Air Pressure: 0.6 Mpa
Travel: 50 mm

Collision avoidance system is used for adjusting the distance between the cutting head and the work-piece automatically. It ensures high quality of the cutting surface and prevents the nozzles to be broken. This automatic distance adjusting system can avoid nozzle collision when cutting large metal plates with irregular or warped surfaces. During the cutting process, it can also reduce manual tool setting mistakes and labor intensity. In addition to collision avoidance system, we also supply auto abrasive delivery system, double cutting head, water softening system and oil cooling system.

Features of Automatic Distance Adjusting System
Before cutting object, collision avoidance system can automatically calibrate and control the distance between cutting head and object.
After completing the operation, the blade will rise automatically to avoid collision with the fast moving object.
Automatic distance adjusting system can reduce the damage caused by collision during the cutting processing.
The air pressure of this collision avoidance system is 0.6 MPa and the adjusting distance reaches 50 mm.

Established in 1996, DARDI is a professional waterjet cutting table manufacturer in China. Since our establishment, we have continuously introduced advanced international technology and equipment. Our products include plane water jet cutting machine, UHP waterjet cleaning system, CNC grinding machine, etc. Our automatic distance adjusting systems are CE certified. DAIDI products are widely exported to United States, Canada, Russia, Italyand other dozens of countries. For more information about our products, please contact us freely.

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