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Concrete Cutting

UHP waterjet cutting machine is now recognized as the safest and most effective method for concrete removal because the parent material suffers no cracking and reinforcing steel can be retained undamaged by the process. DARDI provides hand-hold or movable waterjet cutting system to cut concrete. An automatic sand feeding device ensures continuous sand supply, which enables the UHP waterjet cutting machine to work continously for a long time. It can be used for horizontal and vertical cutting to meeting different cutting requirements. Our DTPS16030 UHP waterjet cutting system is compact but powerful. It provides waterjet with pressure up to 280 Mpa. Its maximum water flow is up to 23 L/Min. Due to its small size, it can be carried by a car and driven by a diesel engine.

Details about UHP Waterjet Cutting Machine for Concrete
1. According to different requirements, UHP waterjet cutting system can achieve different effects.
1) Low-Pressure State
If the pressure is below 150MPa, surface concrete of up to 25 mm depth can be removed. The steel structure is not exposed.
2) High-Pressure State
When water pressure is 280MPa, UHP waterjet cutting machine together with proper feeding device could penetrate through the concrete layer and make steel structure completely exposed.
2. Our waterjet cutting system possesses many advantages.
1) Compared to traditional methods, it has faster cutting speed and higher cutting efficiency.
2) Movable UHP waterjet cutting machine is able to cut almost all the materials, such as super thick materials, composite materials with steel and concrete structure, infusible materials, etc.
3) It can create irregular and rough surface, which results in better adhesion of the refilling materials.
4) The waterjet cutting system can effectively lower the noise.
5) UHP waterjet cutting machine will not cause explosion or fire, and generate no heat. Thus, distortion is eliminated. Safe operation and long service life are also ensured.
6) Some concrete removed can be recycled next time, which really saves money. Little wastes are produced during the cutting process.
7) Movable UHP waterjet cutting system is convenient to transport. With pressure up to 280 Mpa, water jet with abrasives can demolish both external concrete and inner steel structure.
8) Automatic robot or mechanical system can greatly reduce labor intensity.
3. According to the level of automation, there are three main types of waterjet cutting machines: Hand-hold cutter that is small and suitable to places with narrow space will cause backflow and require high labor intensity. Hand-hold cutter with no backflow is placed on a bracket. All the operations are completed manually, so it can avoid the effect of the backflow to operators. Computer controlled robot waterjet cutting system can greatly improve the working efficiency, but it is more expensive.

With a 30,000 square meter research and manufacturing base, DARDI has a large production capacity of waterjet cutting machines. We are continually developing new products. We now produce 500 waterjet cutting machines, 100 UHP waterjet cleaning systems and 100 DCM robot water cutting systems every year. We also provide good after-sale service and excellent technical support to our customers.

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