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UHP Water Jet Cleaning System

UHP water jet cleaning system ejects high-speed water stream to wipe out dirt. Firstly, water is sucked into the waterjet cleaning machine and is pressurized by a powerful water pump. Generally, water pressure is increased to 40000 PSI (300 Mpa). Diesel engine or electric motor supplies power to the water pump. Then, the high pressure water is ejected from several nozzles that are driven to rotate by pressure, making water to form ultra high pressure rotating jet streams of multiple angles and intensities.

Advantages of UHP Water Jet Cleaning System
For the UHP waterjet cleaning machine, waterjet pressure and speed can be adjusted. Thus the object to be cleaned will not be damaged by large pressure and speed.
UHP waterjet cleaning does not create second pollution. The object does not need cleaning again if there is no special requirement.
This water jet cleaning system is able to clean the objects with complicated shapes and structures. It can work in places with narrow space or in poor environment.
Compared with chemical and biological cleaning machines, UHP waterjet cleaning machine will not generate any pollutants. Hence, it is harmless to the environment.
The cleaning by our water jet cleaning system is thorough and fast. It can wipe out more than 95% debris and dirt on heat exchanger and boiler.
The running cost of our UHP waterjet cleaning machines is cheaper due to its high power efficiency. The cost is only one third of that of chemical cleaning device.
This water jet cleaning system has no special requirement for the cleaning target in its material, size, shape, etc.

DARDI is a specialized manufacturer of waterjet cleaning machines in China. We can provide both gantry CNC water jet cutter and cantilever CNC waterjet cutter. We have been engaged in producing water jet cleaning system for more than 15 years. In addition, DARDI also manufactures UHP waterjet cutting machine and CNC grinding machine. Through mass production, we effectively reduce the production cost, which enables us to provide our quality waterjet cleaning machines at competitive prices. If you are interested in our water jet cleaning system, please feel free to contact us.

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