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Automobile Manufacturing

DARDI waterjet cutting machine is widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. Waterjet cutting is the ideal way to make automotive internal ornament. Waterjet cutter is extremely versatile and is capable of cutting composites, steel and titanium as easily as cutting door panels and carpets with pure water. Compared to traditional cutting methods, waterjet cutting machine for automobile manufacturing enjoys many advantages. There are no heat-affected zones (HAZ). It does not generate noxious fumes or not create mechanical stresses on the cutting surface. Waterjet cutters do not produce significant material waste and create smooth and burr-free surfaces, eliminating the need for secondary finishing.

DARDI waterjet cutting machine have been used for mass production applications for increasing speed and flexibility in the automotive industry. Hundreds of workshops are using our waterjet cutters to fabricate superior quality automotive parts.

There are many advantages of waterjet cutting machine in the automotive industry. The details are as follows.
Our waterjet cutters are more environmentally friendly because there is no toxic gas or industrial pollutant produced during the cutting process. No heat is generated, so thermal deformation is eliminated.
DARDI waterjet cutting machine has an extremely narrow cutting kerf allowing tighter nesting and less waste.
The waterjet cutter can realize multi-dimensional cutting and stress-free cutting. There is no damage to the metal structure.
It achieves the maximum flexibility in the cutting process.
Other Applications
Waterjet cutting machine is not only applied in automobile manufacturing, it is also extensively used in stone and ceramic processing, glass processing, metal processing, concrete cutting, composites processing, etc.
Our waterjet cutter is typically suitable for bogie, ventilation system and signs made by copper and aluminum.
With the rapid development of China’s rail transit industry, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and composite materials have been widely used in making railway vehicles in recent years. Waterjet cutting machine is an ideal tool to process the above materials.

DARDI International Corporation is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of waterjet cutters in China. Our products mainly include ultra high pressure waterjet pump, UHP waterjet cleaning system, plane waterjet cutting machine, and more. With advanced technological equipment, tremendous technical strength and reliable product quality, our products are well received by customers from United States, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, etc. We are also very delighted to provide OEM service.

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Automobile Manufacturing
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