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Composites Processing

Composites are made of man-made fiber (glass or carbon) and matrix (plastics, ceramics and metal). Common composites are glass fiber composites, carbon fiber composites, aramid fiber composites, poly ethylene composites with ultra-high molecular weight, thermosetting resin matrix composite materials, etc. Composites have heterogeneity and anisotropy layer composite structure, thus the cutting for composite material is rather difficult.

Because composites are not homogenous materials and have different melting points, cutting composites requires a different approach than ceramic cutting or metal cutting. Using conventional cutters and machining techniques will quickly cause parts to wear out and require replacement. The traditional cutting method also causes interlayer delamination that will affect the component strength and performance. Laser can cut some composite materials but will cause materials coking and thermal cracking phenomenon, and uneven kerf width. The cutting face will form a carbide layer that damages composite materials.

High pressure waterjet cutting is the most ideal technology to solve the above problems. As a non-contact water cold cutting process, there is no stratification in the process. Material does not appear coking and thermal cracking. It has higher cutting speed and realizes instant cut off. Water jet cutter with fine sand can make the cutting surface smoother, cleaner and more precise. Therefore, waterjet cutting technology is the best choice for cutting composite materials.

Water jet cutter can create composites in complex shapes using with high precision.
It is ideal for cutting up to 20 cm of composite materials depending on density of products.
Waterjet cutting eliminates most secondary finishing with no burrs or rough edges.
It is safe for the environment. There is no toxic fume or dust.
Water jet cutter can realize omni-directional cutting with minimal tolerances. There are no wasteful raw materials.
Cutting heads do not have to be changed during manufacturing.
It cuts without melting.
Waterjet cutting can pierce material directly without the need for a pre-drilled starter hole.

DARDI International is founded in 1996. With over 15 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing water jet cutters, we grow into an expert in this field. In addition to making special waterjet equipment, we also produce UHP waterjet cleaning system. Featuring great reliability, high cutting accuracy and competitive price, our waterjet cutting products have found wide applications in the metal and glass cutting, and ceramics processing industries. Our products are CE certified and are well received in the U.S, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

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