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UHP Waterjet Cleaning System

UHP waterjet cleaning system is also known as ultra high pressure water jet cleaning machine or ultra high pressure water jet stripping system. It is often used to remove many coatings from a wide range of parts in the aerospace, automotive and heavy equipment industries including grease, adhesives, epoxies, rubber, resin composites, paints, thermal spray coatings, etc. DARDI high pressure water jet cleaning machine can be used to clean up dirt on different surfaces and inside apparatus. It can also wipe out blockades and debris, resulting in a clean and smooth finish. UHP waterjet cleaning system uses high speed water stream to wipe out dirt by forcing a large volume of pressurized water (40000 PSI or 300 Mpa). Our company mainly supplies intensifier type and three plunger pump type high pressure water jet cleaning machines.

  • UHP Waterjet Cleaning System (Intensifier)The intensifier type UHP waterjet cleaning system is a kind of high pressure water jet cleaner. It can work continuously for 24 hours, but its water pressure is still stable. All the key components adopt American and German technologies. It is also equipped with an automatic self-diagnosis system to provide a complete protection...
  • UHP Waterjet Cleaning System (Three Plunger Pump)Three plunger pump type UHP water jet cleaning machine has dual high pressure protection. It can protect the system automatically against ultra high pressure up to 300 Mpa. Our ultra high pressure water jet cleaning system also has dual inspection and protection function. Our system will also stop working if filter unit is blocked...
1. Oil and Chemical Industry
UHP waterjet cleaning system is widely used in chemical industry. It can clean up normal heat exchanger tubes, U tubes, shells of floating-head heat exchanger and finned tubes of air-cooled heat exchanger, reacting kettles and surface of large oil tank.
2. Thermal Power Generation
DARDI high pressure water jet cleaning machine is also applied in thermal power generation. It can wipe out dirt and debris on the rubber cover of water-cooled chiller, large stream turbine and its shells, preheaters, and so on.
3. Aeronautical Industry
UHP waterjet cleaning system has a wide application in the aeronautical industry. It can clean runway and its guardrail in the airport, airport ramp, traffic signs along the runway, flight deck of the aircraft carriers, etc.
4. Shipbuilding industry
Our high pressure water jet cleaning machines can easily erase debris and paint adhered on ship shells.
Competitive Advantages
Compared with traditional cleaning devices, UHP waterjet cleaning system is faster, cleaner, more efficient and environmentally friendly.
High pressure water jet cleaning machine can only remove the coating with minimal but not remove substrate, making it the best alternative for coating removal for critical applications.
During the whole cleaning process, no chemical and solution are needed. Therefore, those expensive protections against chemicals are also unnecessary.
UHP waterjet cleaning system removes these coatings with one of two different mechanisms: erosion or delamination. Erosion is used on the majority of hard coatings, such as metal and carbide thermal spray coatings. Delamination is often used on softer coatings, such as paint, adhesives, ceramic and abradable thermal sprayed coatings.
Subsystems of High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine
UHP waterjet cleaning system mainly consists of pump to pressurize the water, nozzle to deliver the correct stream of water to the work piece, enclosure to contain process, nozzle and part manipulators, waste handling equipment and process control devices. These components can be arranged in many different configurations to meet the requirements of applications and customers.
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