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Why Choose DARDI?

1. Technology
1) DARDI has its own waterjet cutting research center, keeping ahead in technology and application. This is the backbone for DARDI to become an international brand.
2) The cutting accuracy of our general cutting machines achieve more or less than 0.1 mm.
3) The kerf of the waterjet cutter is 10% larger than the diameter of the tube itself. It is about 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm.
4) The maximum pressure of waterjet cutting machine is 400MPa (60000psi). It is firstly manufactured in DARDI. The waterjet cutting technology gets a lot of awards and is highly appraised by customers.
5) DWMC waterjet cutting processing center is a state-level key new product.
6) DARDI is the constitutor for China industry standards and national standards of Ultra High Pressure Water Cutting Machine. We established China’s first waterjet cutter standard.
2. Experience and Certification
1) DARDI, with experiences in R&D and manufacture with over 2000 users for years, now owns over 40 patents related to ultra-high pressure numerical control waterjet cutting machine and ultra-high pressure water cleaning technology.
2) In 1996, we developed the first high pressure waterjet cutter in China.
3) We have a professional team which is able to design both standard and non-standard water jet cutting machines. With years of experience in the field, we can meet every customer’s cutting needs.
4) We have obtained a lot of certificates and awards:
We are ISO 9001:2000 certified. Our products are CE certified. Our company is a member of American Water Jet Technology Association and a director of China Waterjet Association. Currently, our waterjet cutters are sold not only domestically, but also exported to the U.S, Canada, Italy, Russia, Middle East, etc. Our market share continues to grow.
3. Plant and Equipment
DARDI has a 30000 m2 research and manufacturing base, which enables us to produce 500 waterjet cutting machines every year. Until now, we have sold more than 2000 waterjet cutters. Our ultra high pressure CNC water jet cutters have achieved serialization and mass production. Mass production not only reduces costs but also ensures consistency in product quality. Hence, we are able to provide products at competitive prices.
It you want to know more about our work, production, inspection and other information, welcome to visit the related page or come to our company for investigation.
4. Service and Support
DARDI has a large production capacity and we are continually developing new products. We now produce 500 waterjet cutting machines, 100 UHP waterjet cleaning systems and 100 DCM robot water cutting systems every year. We also provide good after-sale service and excellent technical support to our customers.

1) We offer our customers onsite setup, commissioning and two-week skill training services. 

2) We also offer a one-year warranty.
3) Installation and adjustment of waterjet cutters should be accomplished within 4 workdays after arriving at user’s site.  (Large machines accord with quota or contract.)
4) During the warranty period, after receiving the repair notice, after-sale service will be available no later than 8 hours within Nanjin, 12 hours within 150 km, 24 hours within 150 km to 300 km, 48 hours within 300 km to 600 km and 72 hours beyond 600 km.
5) We provide long-term parts supply.
6) OEM service is also available.
5. DARDI Culture
DARDI is China’s first waterjet cutting machine manufacturer and China’s largest ultrahigh pressure water jet manufacturer. We sum up the characteristics of all employees and take “Honest, Professional, Innovative and Transcendent” as our company culture.

Based on the above advantages, DARDI now has become the largest manufacturer of waterjet cutters in China, occupying over 50% market share. Presently, our equipment is sold not only domestically, but also exported to the U.S, Canada, Italy, Russia, Middle East, etc. Our market share continues growing. Welcome you to visit our company, or send E-mail to us to share more information of water cutting.

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