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CNC System

DARDI CNC system mainly has four functions: go on along the original track after return; cutting path smooth transition; auto deceleration at small aperture, holes arc, cutting edges or corner and real-time graphics simulations.

DWJS-101/201(PC) System
This CNC system is a new special control system developed based on rich engineering experience in water jet cutting control. The complete software function and human design in keys layout and application interface make convenient operation.
Program transfer and remote transmission between USB and RS485, and USB online DNC processing are available.
Independent Ethernet interface with networking operation can realize remote demonstration, diagnosis and software remote update.
Powerful image simulation can realize 3D and 2D simulation, embedded AUTOCAD and NC software seamless interface that can directly process CAD graphics.
This CNC system has unique water jet system online CAM/CAD ability with high efficiency.
DWJS-101 system has 8 M storage with 10.4″TFT true color digital screen and 5 axis control system. DWJS-101 (PC) system has not less than 2GB storage with 17″LCD color system and 5 axis control system.
FAGOR System
Based on 13 years’ close cooperation with FAGOR, it integrates FAGOR control technology with applicability of water jet cutting products so it is with convenient programming, operation and maintenance, which provides high-grade, efficient and professional water jet CNC system.
There are various communication modes including USB, RS232, RJ45 etc., which is convenient for transmission.
Advanced DNC online processing function can realize directly remote processing.
It has unique plate correction, breakpoint memory and feeding shaft cross-compensation function.
FAGOR8035 system has 128M storage with 7.5″LCD color screen and 3 axis control system. FAGOR8055 system owns 512M storage with 10.4″LCD color screen and 4/8 axis control system.
ESA System
This professional CNC system fore water jet cutting is developed by DARDI and ESA. It optimizes former operation interface with strong interaction and easy operation. It adopts modularization design with high stability and antijamming capability.
USB interface and RJ45 communication interface realize convenient transmission.
It is particularly convenient for small batch and multi-variety cutting.
Docked shaft function can be used in the machining process for outage and maintenance.
Arbitrary section processing function can be realized by clicking graphics.
ESAs500/530 system has 150G storage space and uses 17″LCD color LCD screen and 4/8 axis control system.
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