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DARDI New Cam Software

The new and special CAM software is equipped to the water jet cutting machine. It is specifically customized for DARDI by Taiwan Newage. Newage is a company with over ten years’ experience of developing water jet cutting special software. The main functions are as follows:
CAM software can achieve auto-transforming, DXF files into CNC program, auto-typeset nesting, auto calculating the cutting length, time and cost, auto-cutting control, auto generating the cutting track, etc.
This software for water jet cutting can realize bypass control and auto cutting kerf compensation.
With an open database, it can store different materials and related cutting parameters. CAM software can auto-load the cutting parameters by mouse click.
New outline typesetting and powerful auto-typesetting system make the software for water jet cutting acquire high efficiency.
Material typesetting system facilitates easy operation and meets the common edge typesetting need.
CAM software provides a plate database so that users can set up their own plate information and inventory.
This software for water jet cutting can manage the new excess material, store the remaining plate as excess material for second use, further improve plate utilization rate.

DARDI International Corporation is a leading manufacturer of waterjet products in China. We adopt the new CAM software to meet the requirements of the increasing demand for cold cutting process by more and more industries. DARDI has become a world famous brand based on its excellent price-performance ratio. . Our water jet cutting machines are CE certified and are exported to the U.S, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

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