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Abrasive Delivery System (Automatic)

Air Pressure: 0.6 Mpa
Capacity of Abrasive Transport: > 90 kg/h

Auto abrasive delivery systems are used to separate sand automatically from water tank. This automatic sand feeding system adopts advanced international technology and is designed according to international safety standard. It can store the abrasive for waterjet cutting machines and convey abrasive to the abrasive cup at numerical control working platform automatically. The abrasive delivery system offered by DARDI is well known for its trouble free performance, negligible maintenance and competitive market price. Owing to the above advantages, this automatic sand feeding system has a wide variety of industrial applications. In addition to abrasive delivery system, we also supply collision avoidance system, double cutting head, water softening system, oil cooling system, etc.

Main Characteristics
DARDI automatic sand feeding system provides abrasive storage function for waterjet cutting machines. It can deliver abrasive into the hopper automatically with simple operation, high efficiency and low labor intensity.
Our abrasive delivery systems have automatic sensors and signal lamps (optional) that can instruct operators when feeding the abrasive to the tank.
Automatic sand feeding system also features programmed piercing control and accurate positioning cutting head. It is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.
170L capacity abrasive tank can continually offer abrasive for about 500 to 800 minutes cutting. There is no need to add abrasive frequently.

DARDI has been dedicated to manufacturing abrasive delivery system for decades of years in China. In addition to automatic sand feeding system, our products also cover plane waterjet cutting machine, UHP system, robot water cutting system, UHP waterjet cleaning system, and so forth. . If you have interest in out abrasive delivery system, please contact us freely.

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