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Oil Cooling System (Oil Temperature Control)

Power : 6.2 kW
Cooling Capacity : 12 kW

Oil cooling system can be used to do forced cooling for the hydraulic oil. This oil cooling unit greatly improves the running conditions of the hydraulic system, increases the continuous working time and extends the service life of the waterjet cutting machine. In addition to oil cooling system, DARDI is also capable to supply auto abrasive delivery system, collision avoidance system, double cutting head, water softening system, and so forth.

Parameters of Oil Cooling Unit
Power: 6.2 kW
Cooling Capacity (Refrigerating Capacity): 12 kW

Founded in 1996, DARDI International has more than 15 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing waterjet machinery in China. In addition to oil cooling system or oil cooling unit, we also produce plane waterjet cutting machine, ultra high pressure waterjet pump, UHP waterjet cleaning system, etc. Featuring great reliability, high cutting accuracy and competitive price, our waterjet cutting machines are widely used in the metal and glass cutting, and ceramics processing industries. DARDI products are CE certified and are well received in the U.S, Canada, Russia, Italy, Australia, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

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