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CNC Waterjet Cutting Table (DWJ30)

Category : Economical Cantry Style
Models : DWJ30-BC

DWJ30 CNC waterjet cutting table is a kind of bridge type waterjet cutting machine. It is suitable for cutting hard materials easily such as metal, stone, ceramics, glass, etc. Its X axes cutting travel is 3.0 m, Y axes cutting travel is 2.0 m/4.0 m/6.0 m/8.0 m and its Z axes cutting travel is 0.15 m/0.21 m/0.31 m. X axes table size is 3.17 m and Y axes table size is 2.13 m/ 4.13 m/6.13 m/8.13 m. Our standard management enables us to make full use of various resources, thus the production cost of this bridge type waterjet cutting machine is greatly reduced. We are able to provide different kinds of gantry CNC waterjet cutting tables and cantilever CNC waterjet cutters for international buyers at competitive prices.

Our water jet cutters have gained CE certification and twenty items of patents.
This bridge type waterjet cutting machine has high rigidity structure and double-motor drive for Y-axis. Extra high Z-axial stroke design meets the requirements of cutting different work pieces.
Heavy-duty support makes DWJ30 waterjet cutting table drive smoothly.
Integrated machine body design makes it convenient for installation and makes it occupy less space.
This bridge type waterjet cutting machine is equipped with professional CNC system for high precision control.
Special protective design and automatic lubricating system make the CNC waterjet cutting table more durable and convenient to maintain.
Exquisite screw mandrel and guide rail guarantee high accuracy after long time cutting.
The bridge type waterjet cutting machine adopts stainless steel and steam line design with beautiful appearance and better performance for resisting water and sand. It is easy for maintaining and cleaning.
The working platform DWJ30 CNC waterjet cutting table is to process with flat grinding machine with flat surface. It can largely reduce the rate of damaged work pieces.
For this bridge type waterjet cutting machine, we use advanced testing equipment (laser interferometer imported from England) to inspect the moving precision of CNC cutting system. Double cutting heads are optional for customers.
Parameters of DWJ30 CNC Waterjet Cutting Table
Model 3020 3040 3060 3080
Table Size X 3170 mm 3170 mm 3170 mm 3170 mm
Y 2130 mm 4130 mm 6130 mm 8130 mm
Cutting Travel X 3000 mm 3000 mm 3000 mm 3000 mm
Y 2000 mm 4000 mm 6000 mm 8000 mm
Z 150 mm/210 mm/310 mm
Drive Motor AC Servo (YASKAWA)
NC Controller HUAXIN 320W, FAGOR, ESA
Cutting Accuracy ± 0.1 mm
Repeatability Accuracy ± 0.025 mm
Locating Speed 0 to 15000 m/min
Power 220/380/415 V AC, 50/60 Hz

As a professional supplier and exporter of bridge type waterjet cutting machines in China, DAIDI can manufacture both gantry CNC waterjet cutting table and cantilever CNC waterjet cutter. In order to offer customers superior products, we implement a strict quality control system and also utilize testing equipment like spherical sensor to test the dynamic accuracy of the CNC cutting table. Thus, the cutting accuracy and cutting quality of our waterjet cutting table are highly guaranteed. We provide good after-sale service and excellent technical support to our customers.

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